In this section, you’ll find all the resources you need to PREACH on topics pertaining to mass incarceration. By lifting up this important issue, your congregation will see you standing for the poor, the desolate, and the convicted as we all try to live into the best lessons of our faiths.

Sample Sermons

John Vaughn (docx)

Lydia Medwin (docx)

Stephanie Kolin (docx)

Inspiring Sermon Cores & Preaching Resources

EMI Preaching Lab (pdf)

EMI Preaching Lab (pptx)

Multifaith Theological Resources

Let My People Go: Multifaith Reflections (pdf)

Building an Interfaith Movement to Abolish Mass Incarceration (pdf)

Bring out the Prisoners (pdf)

A Personal Reflection (pdf)

Multifaith Organizational Resources

Multifaith Organizational Resources (pdf)


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